Simply put, we could say that “content” is like the air we breathe, it’s ubiquitous. The world around us is surrounded by “content”. “Content” is presented in the form of ever expanding information (just think of Google search results for just about anything).

Our five senses are receptive to information in the form of “content”. We as human beings are very receptive animals. We are receptive, first of all to what we see and further to what and how much we hear of what we see. This fact, in an intriguing way contributes to our superior judgement as well as foresight through inter-relationship and constant feedback with our environment.

Just think for a moment that you in the business of creating “content”. Then naturally, your success is measured by the quality of engagement of the audience. What two factors would matter the most then? My take on it is:

  • Perceived quality and level of attention of the audience towards specific “content”
  • Exposure time of the audience towards specific “content” as measured in seconds or even milliseconds

If you would agree that you are in the business of creating “content”; it follows that you would be struggling for higher customer attention and higher exposure time. This phenomenon is what we may call content gap.

Today, customers bother little about brands and logos, since obviously, they care so much more about themselves, their wants and preferences. It may be a big mistake, if brands and businesses think that only if more people would get to know about their wonderful products and services, their sales problems would be solved.

This is the crux of the matter, the era of one way brand monologues is officially over!

Yet ironically, most of the content and the messages coming out of brands and businesses today look like hopeless monologues. The good old marketing tactics are losing their teeth every single passing moment. Businesses have frantically responded by creating more promotional content that no one wants, no one likes and no one responds to. When we create too much promotional and product-specific content, chances are that it won’t be downloaded, read, or acted upon.

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

Bill Gates: from an essay titled “Content is King”

The more marketers really try to put themselves in the customers shoes as it were; the more they would think and act like a publishing agency, where they would create more content which people are looking for, and not the content which they scoff at or simply ignore.

The only way to reach your audience in today’s information overloaded, information saturated world is through “content” that emotionally connects with the audience you are trying to reach. “Content” helps to build lasting customer relationships and trust; both of which I would say are the only true currency in today’s fast changing world.

In the next post, we will look at various definitions of “content” from the experts; who incidentally don’t all agree on what “content” is all about.

Kunal Choudhary

Hey there, this is Kunal Choudhary — I am passionate about writing and creative communication. I live and work in Bangalore, India.

I believe 'Content Marketing' is precisely what 'Marketing' is supposed to be. This blog is just a humble attempt to inform and educate industry professionals and interested folks on 'Content Marketing'.

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