As mentioned in earlier posts, by delivering content that is valuable and relevant to their target audience, brands and business can take on an important role in their customer’s lives. Further, this role is not only limited to their online communications, but extends to newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, conferences, workshops and even face-to-face communications.

Marketing as informational ‘trash’ i.e. Interruption Marketing

Business and brands disseminate information all the time, it’s just so happens that most of it is nothing but informational ‘trash’ which is neither compelling nor useful. Traditionally, the majority of marketing programs have revolved around paid media of some kind. Even today, many marketing campaigns on the B2C segment center around the 30-second commercial “spot”. Today it is clearer than ever that most brands are overweight in paid media and underweight in owned media.

Brand publishers and media companies surprisingly have the same goal to build an audience, one that loves your content so much so that it leads to subscription. That, in turn, leads to finding ways to monetize that audience. Also, brand publishers are challenged with trying to get found in search engines, drive leads, and figure out social media.

The movement towards content marketing is a necessary correction in the marketplace, and its a movement towards owned media which gets bandied about by many different names: custom publishing, custom media, customer media, customer publishing, member media, private media, content strategy, branded content, corporate media, brand journalism, native advertising, inbound marketing, contract publishing, branded storytelling, corporate publishing, corporate journalism, and branded media.

At the center of making all that happen is storytelling. It’s all about brands creating helpful, valuable, and compelling stories that position them as trusted experts in their fields. That content, if worthy, will convert casual, passersby readers into loyal ones. In turn, those loyal readers may then be converted into loyal customers.

Good content marketing makes a person stop, read, think, and behave differently.

. . .

Content marketing without a loyal audience is not content marketing at all. Your content can’t accomplish much without an engaged audience.

Joe Pulizzi

Brief list of reasons triggering the momentous shift towards content marketing are:

  • No technology barriers
  • Talent availability
  • Content acceptance
  • Social Media
  • Google and Amazon

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